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MidMod is a meticulously curated site filled with the best mid-century modern items sourced exclusively from Amazon.

I've been working on MidMod sporadically for a couple of years. I designed and released an MVP in 2017, but I always knew I would end up coming back to clean things up. In late 2018 I was finally ready to take the project and business model to the next level.

To make progress, I knew I would have to make the site a priority—MidMod needed to become a real project. I treated it like I was developing a new brand. I created a new identity, a vibrant logo and color palette, fresh typography, and a new visual tone for the site.

MidMod - Logo
MidMod - Color Palette

Since its launch in January, MidMod has been featured on Product Hunt and reached #6 on the Trending Products list. My focus is now on maintaining a high level of content and growing the audience on both the site and newsletter.

MidMod - Mid-century modern furniture, decor and more for your home. | Product Hunt Embed

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