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I've worked with Kitewire over 6 years now. In that time we've brought several products and services to market. Kitewire Mobility is the latest product that brings medium and large companies mobile security and peace of mind.

In late 2017, Kitewire Mobility asked me to help bring an existing product to the consumer market. The product was originally built for large government agencies who needed more granular control over mobile devices in the field. After doing well in the private sector, Kitewire saw an opportunity to take this tech to the masses.

Since Kitewire was entering a new market, it was imperative that we have a sense of our target audience and ideal customer. I lead initial product research and conducted a series of interviews with both stakeholders and potential customers. After analyzing our data, we were able to settle on the appropriate voice, tone, and segmenting for the product.

From there, I started designing. I created a new logo, a desktop app from the ground up, and two versions of the mobile app (customer-facing and back-end). I also established a style guide and implemented design systems within the app to make future building faster and easier.

After I passed over deliverables for development, I worked with the sales team to craft a way of presenting the new offering to prospective customers. When all was said and done, we were able to take this product that once served only a small government niche and put it in front of thousands of potential users.
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KITEWIRE Mobility - Palette
KITEWIRE Mobility - Updated Branding
KITEWIRE Mobility - Desktop Dashboard
KITEWIRE Mobility - Desktop App

"Our decision to update our product name and branding put everyone on our team, including Matt, under the gun. Despite our aggressive deadline, Matt was able to work hand-in-hand with our developers and partners to deliver everything ahead of schedule. Matt understands our business and how delivering quality work can positively impact our brand. This is why I always trust Matt as a project partner."
Jere Simpson, Founder @ KITEWIRE

KITEWIRE Mobility - Desktop App
KITEWIRE Mobility - Desktop App

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KITEWIRE Mobility - Sketch
KITEWIRE Mobility - Desktop App
KITEWIRE Mobility - Desktop App
KITEWIRE Mobility - Desktop App