Kitewire Mobility

Creative Direction and Design at 45royale

KITEWIRE Mobility - App

I've worked with KITEWIRE over 6 years now. In that time we've brought several products and services to market. KITEWIRE Mobility is the latest product that brings medium and large companies mobile security and peace of mind.

Working under a tight deadline and a looming trade show, I was asked to re-imagine and re-brand a product KITEWIRE was introducing to the private sector. After the branding was complete, the team then turned their attention to updating the UI & UX of the product.

Over the course of a fast few months, the team and I were able to complete design and build on two new mobile versions of the apps (customer-facing and business-facing), as well as design a marketing site for them built with WordPress.
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KITEWIRE Mobility - Palette
KITEWIRE Mobility - Updated Branding
KITEWIRE Mobility - Desktop Dashboard
KITEWIRE Mobility - Desktop App

"Our decision to update our product name and branding mid-project put everyone on our team, including Matt, under the gun. Despite our aggressive deadline Matt was able to work hand-in-hand with our developers and partners to deliver everything ahead of schedule. They understand our business and how their delivering quality work early can positively impact our advertising budget. This is why I always trust Matt as a project partner."
Jere Simpson, Founder @ KITEWIRE

KITEWIRE Mobility - Desktop App
KITEWIRE Mobility - Desktop App
KITEWIRE Mobility - Sketch
KITEWIRE Mobility - Desktop App
KITEWIRE Mobility - Desktop App
KITEWIRE Mobility - Desktop App

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