Whether you're just starting out or are a seasoned vet — building your creative business can be hard.

That's why I wrote The Business of Design, my free e-book that gives you actionable tips for a more successful and fulfilling creative career. When you're done, you'll know how to:

  • Position yourself on rate
  • Maintain a steady stream of clients
  • Maximize your productivity
  • Get rid of the bloat that's clogging up your workflow

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But wait… who the heck are you?

I'm glad you asked! My name is Matt Downey and for more than a decade, I've had the pleasure of managing successful digital companies, projects, and teams.

I'm currently the Digital Director at Mybite, a vitamin startup making it deliciously simple to stay healthy and energized. Before that, I was the founder of 45royale, an award-winning remote web design and development agency.

My work has been recognized by Computer Arts, .net Magazine, and Awwwards to name a few.

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