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Netpure Apple Watch

netpure, a "child-safe internet", is a wireless router with a companion mobile app that gives parents control and peace of mind over what their children are able to access online.

With social responsibility as its core focus, netpure’s product makes it easy for parents to manage time, content, and potentially dangerous connections that kids aren’t old enough to access on their own yet.

A longtime 45royale client as the CEO of Kitewire, Jere Simpson came to us once again, this time as netpure's co-founder. When netpure needed help designing an app and website to accompany their wireless router, he knew that we would be up to the task. With a great relationship and a six-year history of working well together, we all knew it would be a perfect match.

Even with the project coming together at such an agile pace, our history of collaborating with Jere and his team made it possible for us to get the work done quickly and efficiently.

Netpure Application
Foursquare iPad
Foursquare iPad

"I've worked with Matt for over 5 years. So when my new product needed branding and UI quickly, the choice was obvious. Matt was able to support our rapid timeline and deliver an experience that was easy for our customers to use and understand immediately."

Jere Simpson Founder, Netpure

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